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  Secure and Safe with Oracle

Database management systems are at core of every application that supports business decisions. Over the years, the Oracle database has emerged as a clear winner.

With BOSS APPLICATION developed entirely on Oracle, it promises to deliver an integrated enterprise solution to meet your present and future requirements, and most importantly, maintain the value of your investment.

  Developing with Oracle’s Designer and Developer

BOSS APPLICATION has continued to take advantages of Oracles’ functionality by developing with Oracle’s Designer and Developer.

BOSS APPLICATION combines the power of client-server technology with the ease of use found in MS-Windows environment to offer users a truly comprehensive manufacturing solution.

BOSS APPLICATION  has a web capability

  Low Implementation costs

BOSS APPLICATION reduces modification and implementation cost due to the ease of use as it works the way you do.

  The Linux Advantage

BOSS APPLICATION solution on Linux deploys a high-performance application at the lowest costs possible.

BOSS APPLICATION solution on Linux provides an alternative to other solutions on Microsoft Windows NT platform/ Windows 2000.

  Easy Access to Information

Information is entered only once and is then available to anyone else who needs it. The information can be retrieved and processed on demand at the point where it is required. You can query all kinds of enterprise information and produce report.


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